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A frontal system with triangles is ....
a) A cold front
b) A \
c) A low pressure system
d) A warm front

Low pressure areas are associated with...
a) Stormy weather
b) Continental Air Mass
c) Dry Weather
d) Calm weather

Air masses are dry when...
a) They are over continents
b) You are nice.
c) They are playful
d) They are over oceans

Air masses are dry and cold when
a) They are in polar continental areas (like Russia or Canada)
b) They are in polar maritime areas (like the northern Atlantic Ocean)
c) They are in tropical maritime areas (like the mid Atlantic Ocean)
d) They are in tropical continental areas (like Hawaii and Bahamas)

A dry cold air mass would be
a) Continental Polar
b) Continental Maritime
c) Continental Youritime
d) Continental Tropical

A frontal system with semi-circles is
a) A warm front
b) A cold front
c) A low pressure system
d) A high pressure system

Air masses travel because...
a) The density of different temperatured air masses cause them to change and move
b) The ocean currents move
c) The jet stream is affected by the coriolis affect causing air masses to move
d) The belts in the troposphere cause the air masses to travel through one another

Water in the gulf stream (near Mexico) is generally very
a) warm
b) cold
c) cool
d) hot

Warm, less dense water from the Gulf stream is likely to travel near
a) Western Europe
b) Eastern Europe
c) South America
d) Cape Canaveral (Africa)

A continent in the North (such as Europe) would be regulated by temperatures
a) From warm water traveling by the Gulf Stream
b) From cold water regulated by the tip of India
c) From Australia's currents
d) From the jet stream of the Northern Hemisphere

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