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________ energy is the energy of the motion or vibration of molecules in a substance.
a) Heat
b) Nuclear
c) Chemical
d) Electromagnetic

A pitcher pitches a ball to a waiting batter and the batter hits a pop fly deep into the outfield where it is caught. Which of these has the most kinetic energy?
a) the baseball right as it hits the bat
b) the baseball right as it leaves the bat
c) the baseball once it reaches its maximum height
d) the baseball at the very instant it has been caught by an outfielder

E = mc2 means that
a) electricity equals matter.
b) energy balances matter.
c) the speed of light is energy.
d) matter can be converted into energy.

The law of the conservation of energy says that energy cannot be created and it cannot be -
a) used
b) changed
c) destroyed
d) transformed

When energy is transformed or changed from one form into another, some of the energy will be lost to the environment as
a) heat
b) smoke
c) friction
d) chemicals

Which of the following is not an example of chemical energy?
a) gold
b) wood
c) gasoline
d) pop corn

Which of these is not an example of energy being converted from one form into another form?
a) a match burning
b) uranium decaying
c) falling off a trampoline
d) seeing yourself in a mirror

________ energy is energy due to the motion.
a) Heat
b) Kinetic
c) Potential
d) Geothermal

A wrecking ball stopped at its highest height before it is released to hit a building is an example of ________ energy being converted into ________ energy.
a) kinetic, potential
b) potential, kinetic
c) potential, potential
d) kinetic, mechanical

To create electricity using a nuclear power plant, energy from the uranium in the reactor produces lots of ________ in order to make the generator work.
a) fuel
b) heat
c) water
d) electricity

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