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How long does primary fermetation take?
a) 1-2 weeks
b) 1 month
c) 2 months
d) 6 weeks

What needs be done for primary fermentation to start?
a) To add yeast to the must
b) To remove skins from the must
c) To increase temperature
d) To add sugars

How is secondary fermentation often called?
a) Tannical
b) Malolactic
c) Chemical
d) Alcoholic

Where are the tannins contained?
a) the stalk
b) the flesh
c) the seed
d) the skin

The clarification of wine takes place
a) after primary fermentation
b) after aging
c) before bottling
d) after sencondary fermentation

White wine can be made from red grapes
a) True
d) False

In the primary fermentation, sugars are converted into
a) alcohol
b) acidity
c) yeast
d) oxigen

The making of red wine difers from that of white wine in
a) the duration of the fermetation process
b) the parts of the grape undergoing primary fermetation
c) the amount of yeast added
d) the types of grapes used

La Rioja is famous for its
a) red wine
b) rose wine
c) white wine

The main village in Rioja where rose wine is made is
a) Haro
b) Abalos
c) San Asensio
d) Cenicero

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