Unit 7 Review Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 12842)

A Review For Unit 7 Exam.

Which of the following is the correct term used to describe a group of body parts working together to perform a specific function?
a) an organ system
b) an organ
c) a tissue
d) an organism

Which of the following lists the levels of organization in organisms in the correct order?
a) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms
b) organs, organ systems, organisms, cells, tissues
c) tissues, cells, organs, organisms, organ systems
d) organisms, organ systems, organs, tissues, cells

All of the following are true except
a) Each organ is made up of its own kind of tissues.
b) Skin is an organ.
c) Organs are made of tissues.
d) Tissues are made up of cells.

All of the following are types of tissues except
a) digestive
b) muscle
c) cartilage
d) bone

What types of organisms have cells with very large vacuoles?
a) plants
b) animals
c) fungi
d) bacteria

Which phrase best describes the function of mitochondria?
a) converts energy for cell use
b) located in the cytoplasm
c) bacteria-sized organelle
d) contains a folded inner membrane

Which of these functions can the heart perform that individual heart cells cannot?
a) pumping blood
b) producing waste
c) using energy
d) growing larger

What function or process is common to all living things?
a) respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) movement
d) oxygenation

All living things have one thing in common. Which of the following is it?
a) They all have cells.
b) They all have cells that are held up by cell walls.
c) They all have the same way to get water and food into their cells.
d) They all have special cells that can do many different things.

In all living things, the presence of what structure supports the cell theory?
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) vacuole
d) chloroplast

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