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The process by which individuals that are better adapted to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce is called
a) natural selection
b) evolution
c) competition
d) overproduction

Which of the following is the best example of an adaptation that helps an organism survive in its environment?
a) green coloring in a lizard that lives on gray rocks.
b) a thick coat of fur on a desert-dwelling animal
c) extensive root system in a desert plant
d) thin, delicate leaves on a plant in cold climate

Which of the following is the weakest evidence supporting a close evolutionary relationship between two animals?
a) The bones on a bird's wings are similar to the bones of a dog's legs.
b) Human embryos look like turtle embryos in their early development
c) Lesser pandas look like bears
d) The amino acid sequence in mouse hemoglobin is similar to the amino acid sequence of in chimpanzees

If cat's depend mainly on mice for food, and most of the mice are killed by disease, what would be the most likely effect on the cat species?
a) All cats would die of starvation
b) Those cats that eat things other than mice will survive and reproduce
c) The cat species would loose its genetic diversity
d) There would be no long-term effects on the cat species

Scientists have discovered fossils of whalelike animals that had legs instead of flippers. This evidence most likely indicates that the ancestors of whales used to
a) live on land
b) live in the ocean
c) evolved gradually rather than during short periods of rapid change
d) never became extinct

Changes in a species over long periods of time are called
a) scientific theories
b) developmental stages
c) homologous structures
d) evolution

A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is called a(n)
a) variation
b) adaptation
c) species
d) selection

Similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor are called
a) adaptations
b) punctuated equilibria
c) ancestral structures
d) homologous structures

The specific environment that provides an organism's needs is called the organism's
a) genus
b) taxonomy
c) habitat
d) natural selection

An organism whose cells lack nuclei is called a(n)
a) protist
b) fungus
c) eukaryote
d) prokaryote

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