ADV 7th Benchmark Review 2-a Question Preview (ID: 12815)

Questions Related To Our Heredity Units.

What is the matching DNA strand to the following DNA sequence? TAGGACT

During sexual reproduction genetic material combines from
a) one parent
b) two parents
c) two offspring
d) one person

Many characteristics are affected by the interactions between genes and _____
a) chromosomes
b) alleles
c) carriers
d) the environment

A mutation in the DNA is harmful to an organism if it
a) changes the DNA of the organism
b) changes the genotype of the organism
c) reduces the organism's chances for survival and reproduction
d) increases the organism's chances for survival and reproduction

Chromosomes are made up of
a) one pair of alleles
b) many traits
c) transfer RNA
d) many genes joined together

The process by which the number of chromosomes is reduced in half to form sperm and eggs is called
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) alleles
d) genotype

During sexual reproduction, the sperm and egg each contribute
a) one quarter of the number of chromosomes in body cells
b) half the number of chromosomes in body cells
c) forty six chromosomes
d) two times he number of chromosomes in body cells

In a cross between a homozygous recessive (white) rabbit and a heterozygous organism (black), what is the probability that the offspring will have white hair?
a) 1 in 4
b) 2 in 4
c) 3 in 4
d) 4 in 4

Black hair is a dominant trait; White hair is recessive. What is the phenotype of an offspring that is ww?
a) white hair
b) black hair
c) gray hair
d) it is impossible to determine

An organism with two identical alleles for a trait is
a) heterozygous
b) homozygous
c) recessive
d) dominant

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