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Organisma that make their own food are called...
a) Heterotrophs
b) binomial
c) Decomposers
d) Autotrophs

Organisms that cannot make their own food & must obtain energy from the foods they eat are called..
a) Animals & Fungi
b) taxon
c) Protista
d) Eubacteria

Which is not used in the start of photosynthesis..
a) Sun Light
b) Glucose
c) CO2
d) Water

why do plants apper green?
a) chlorophyll absords green light
b) chlorophyll does not reflect green light
c) chlorophyll reflects green light
d) chlorophyll does not absord green light

A stack of thylakoids...
a) cell wall
b) granum
c) stroma
d) chloroplast

pick the one that does not appily to the calvin cycle
a) glucose
b) leaves falling
c) stoma
d) light-independent reactions

Not a part of a APT molecule
a) thymine
b) phosphate
c) ribose
d) adenine

How many molecules does The Calvin Cycle use?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 9

What is the root word 'tort' mean?
a) going
b) tear
c) twist
d) shell

What is the root word 'zyg' mean?
a) life
b) see
c) view
d) pair

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