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escorted, Brian was sick, so his teacher escorted him all the way to the nurse's office.
a) walked next to him
b) depended
c) protected
d) a place or a set of circumstances

satisfied, After much work, Trudy was finally satisfied with her science fair project.
a) pleased
b) people's opinons about someone
c) violently mixing or stirring
d) a place or a set of circumstances

swelled, The dog's leg swelled to twice its size from the bee sting.
a) grew bigger
b) depended
c) protected
d) good enough for something

churning, Mr. Franklyn kept churning the ingredients. He continued until they were well blended.
a) well blended
b) until they
c) He continued
d) the ingredients

worthy, Vivian said, Donating to the animal shelter is a worthy cause. It provides a valuable service to the community.
a) valuable service
b) It provides
c) Vivian said
d) animal shelter

deserved, Paco deserved to win the ice skating award. He worked hard to earn it.
a) to earn it
b) to win the
c) He worked
d) ice skating award

situation, Irene explained her situation at work. The unusual problem was taking up time.
a) unusual problem
b) at work
c) was taking up
d) Irene explained

reputation, The teachers at Jersey Elementary School were excited about Sally's reputation. They had heard she was an excellent student.
a) had heard
b) were excited
c) The teachers
d) excellent student

defended, The soldiers defended the fort from the enemy forces.
a) protected
b) people's opinons about someone
c) violently mixing or stirring
d) a place or a set of circumstances

relied, Anthony relied on his older sister to answer his questions about homework.
a) depended
b) grew bigger
c) good enough for something
d) protected

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