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Enhancing apparent depth by placing some pictorial elements in front of others.
a) Rule of Thirds
b) Balance
c) Overlap
d) Emphasis

Diagonal lines in a composition that enhance its apparent depth.
a) Receding Lines
b) Composition
c) Brightness
d) Picture Plane

Distributing objects to create equal weight in different parts of the image.
a) Tilting
b) Leading The Eye
c) Perspective
d) Balance

A form of perspective based on the height of an element on the picture plane.
a) Leading Lines
b) Vertical Position
c) Asymmetrical Balance
d) Focus

Video using a screen proportioned 16 to 9.
a) Widescreen Video
b) Staging in Depth
c) Picture Plane
d) Rule of Thirds

Moving the camera horizontally.
a) Overlap
b) Panning
c) Focus
d) Staging In Depth

Lines on the picture plane that emphasize an element by pointing to it.
a) Composition
b) Emphasis
c) Vertical Position
d) Leading Lines

The difference between one pictorial element and others; also, the ratio of the brightest part of an image to the darkest.
a) Leading Lines
b) Brightness
c) Contrast
d) Picture Plane

The process of calling attention to a pictorial element.
a) Letterboxed Image
b) Overlap
c) Focus
d) Emphasis

Using compositional techniques to direct the viewer's attention.
a) Tilting
b) Leading The Eye
c) Contrast
d) Panning

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