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A repeated line or verse
a) Stanza
b) Refrain
c) Meter
d) Prose

This is a group of related lines in a poem, similar to a paragraph in prose.
a) Stanza
b) Prose
c) Verse
d) Limerick

a regular pattern of rhymed words at the end of a line of poetry
a) Meter
b) Prose
c) Rhyme Scheme
d) Free Verse

This is the reference to a person, place, or event from history, literature, or religion with which a reader is likely to be familiar.
a) Allusion
b) Couplet
c) Verse
d) Poem

writing in its normal non-rhyming form
a) English
b) Prose
c) Poetry
d) Stanza

This is the rhythm or regular sound pattern in a piece of poetry.
a) Meter
b) Lyric
c) Refrain
d) stanza

the pattern of stresses or beats in written language
a) Rhythm
b) Refrain
c) Verse
d) Form

This is the repetition of similar sounds that comes at the ends of lines of poetry.
a) Assonance
b) Allusion
c) End Rhyme
d) Alliteration

A line of poetry
a) Stanza
b) Prose
c) Verse
d) Line

A pair of rhyming lines, usually of the same length and meter
a) Couplet
b) Verse
c) Quatrain
d) Cinquain

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