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What did Mary Slessor say was the cause of her successful mission work?
a) answered prayer
b) hard work
c) devoted helpers
d) she was a good girl

Marry Slessor lived among cannibals, and hudson Taylor missed his loved ones. What was true about these missionaries' reactions to their circumstances
a) They were content and trusted God.
b) They decided to merely put up with their circumstances.
c) They prayed that the Lord would change their circumstances.
d) They left the country they were living in.

What do we call a reawakening to spiritual things in the heart of a Christian, causing that person to serve the Lord wholeheartedly?
a) revival
b) great awakening
c) conversion
d) personal choice

After the American Civil War,
a) there was more interest in godly things.
b) there ws the same interest in godly things.
c) there was less interest in godly things.
d) more people ordered pizza.

On what continent is Peru located?
a) South America
b) Europe
c) Asia
d) North America

On what continent is India located?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) South America

On what continent is Nigeria located?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) South America
d) North America

On what continent is China located?
a) Asia
b) South America
c) Europe
d) Africa

On what continent is the United States located?
a) North America
b) South America
c) Asia
d) Europe

On what continent is France located?
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Africa
d) North America

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