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How are ecosystems named?
a) by the climate it is associated with
b) by the plants that inhabit the ecosystem
c) by the surrounding city that is close by
d) by the surrounding country that is close by

What two factors are more important to grasslands?
a) Photosynthesis and the water cycle
b) A good root system and the water cycle
c) Photosynthesis and a good root system
d) A good roots system and temperature

How are forest and grasslands maintained?
a) flood
b) drought
c) hurricane
d) fire

What are abiotic factors associated with ecosystems?
a) temperature, animals and soil nutrients
b) temperature, water and soil nutrients
c) water, soil nutrients and grass
d) water, shelter and animal life

Why is a tundra considered a desert?
a) lack of water
b) dry cold weather
c) plenty of flora
d) temperature

What is the largest ecosystem on the planet?
a) grasslands
b) oceans
c) tundra
d) forest

What is the intertidal zone?
a) where the ocean meets fresh water
b) where the ocean meets a tide
c) where the ocean meets a reef
d) where the ocean meets the land

Where does most of the primary production occur in an ocean ecosystem?
a) first 75 feet
b) first 150 feet
c) first 100 feet
d) first 200 feet

Where is most of the freshwater located on earth?
a) glaciers and rivers
b) glaciers and lakes
c) glaciers and streams
d) glaciers and aquifers

Which of the following would be an example of a wetland ecosystem?
a) marshes
b) lakes
c) rivers
d) ponds

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