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Mr. Domigue warned the class that when we mixed the two chemicals there would become _____________.
a) aloof
b) discord
c) volatile
d) trivia

She could not explain her _____________ appearance, when her parents could have bought her expensive clothing.
a) trivia
b) slothful
c) volatile
d) pompous

Listening to music makes ______________ tasks more bearable.
a) pompous
b) mundane
c) volatile
d) slothful

The _______________ basketball player refused to pass the ball. He wanted to be the high scorer for the team.
a) egocentric
b) slothful
c) discord
d) debilitate

Kryptonite _______Superman's strength which made him a easy target to his enemy.
a) discorded
b) aloofed
c) volatiled
d) debilitated

The dog's growl will _______ anyone trying to break into the house.
a) aloofed
b) daunt
c) discorded
d) egocentric

The man, who is always __________, failed to move out of the way of the door since he simply did not realize people were trying to get by.
a) egocentric
b) mundane
c) slothful
d) aloof

I think the complexity of the task might _______ the other students.
a) daunt
b) pompous
c) mundane
d) slothful

Sam had a very high fever which had ______ his body.
a) aloofed
b) pompoused
c) debilitated
d) discorded

The vacation was ruined by _______ among the campers.
a) discord
b) mundane
c) pompous
d) daunt

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