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What was the Language of the Aryans?
a) Hieroglyphics
b) cuneiform
c) sanskrit
d) arabian

What advantage did the Aryans have over the natives?
a) guns
b) horses
c) dogs
d) clubs

What did the Aryans fight the Natives for?
a) water
b) good farm land
c) control of rivers
d) gold

What religion did the Aryans bring to India?
a) Buddhism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

What is the holy river for Hinduism?
a) Brahmaputra
b) Indus
c) Ganges
d) Nile

What is the book of worship for Hinduism?
a) Bible
b) Vedas
c) Koran
d) Torah

What is a caste system?
a) levels of social class within Hinduism that people are born into
b) hard substance used to help heal broken bones
c) a farming method
d) a system of conqering the world

What is the correct order of the Caste System starting with the top?
a) Brahmins, Sudras, Kshatriyas, Vaiysias
b) Sudras, Brahmins, Sudras, Kshatriyas, Vaiysias
c) Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaiysias, Sudras
d) Kshatriyas, Brahmins, Vaisyias, Sudras

What is the group called below the Caste System?
a) Untouchables
b) Undesireables
c) Gross
d) Dirty

What is reincarnation?
a) dieing and going to the afterlife
b) Belief that when you die, you are reborn as something else
c) a method of farming
d) converting someone to Hinduism

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