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The Hubble Space telescope uses special instruments ____________
a) to detect light we can't see
b) to hear sounds from the universe
c) to determine the distance to the moon
d) to travel through space

A Big Bang theory that has dark matter that will cause the universe to collapse
a) Open Universe
b) Closed Universe
c) Flat Universe
d) Steady State

A Big Bang theory that shows distant objects are moving even faster away (expanding or red shifted)
a) Open Universe
b) Closed Universe
c) Flat Universe
d) Steady State

Distance light travels in a year
a) light decade
b) light year
c) light second
d) light minute

Cosmic Background Radiation is heat leftover, and evidence of the _______________ theory
a) Parallel universe
b) String theory
c) Big Bang
d) Steady State

Highest Energy form of light
a) Gamma
b) Xray
c) Infrared
d) Blue

The type of telescope that uses mirrors (improved by Newton)
a) Reflecting
b) Infrared
c) Radio
d) Refracting

The type of telescope using lenses (improved by Galileo)
a) Reflecting
b) Infrared
c) Xray
d) Refracting

The form of light that has the largest wavelength and lowest energy
a) Xray
b) Ultra violet
c) Yellow (visible)
d) Microwave

The sun is 93,000,000 miles and since light travels 186,000 mile/sec it take light ______ to get to Earth
a) 8 minutes
b) 16 minutes
c) 8 hours
d) 16 seconds

Which theory of the universe has the possibility of the universe restarting
a) Closed Universe
b) Open Universe
c) Steady State Universe
d) Flat Universe

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