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The Declaration of Independence defines an "unalienable right" as-
a) a right for politicians
b) a right to vote
c) a right that cannot be taken away
d) a right that only immigrants have

What was the most important result of the 1783 Treaty of Paris
a) Spain traded with Americans
b) France fought with Americans
c) Great Britain gained American territory
d) Great Britain recognized American independence

What contribution did Phyllis Wheatley make to the American Revolution?
a) She served as a member of the colonial legislature
b) She helped African Americans escape to freedom
c) She taught soldiers in the Continental Army
d) She wrote poems that supported independence

Who was a member of the House of Burgesses and made the "Give me liberty or give me death" speech?
a) John Adams
b) Ben Franklin
c) Patrick Henry
d) Thomas Jefferson

A major criticism of the Articles of Confederation was that it provided for-
a) a military form of government
b) a weak national government
c) a king
d) a weak state government

Which of these historical figures is INCORRECTLY PAIRED?
a) George Mason- Virginia Declaration of Rights
b) Benjamin Banneker- design of Washington D.C.
c) George Washington- Constitutional Convention
d) Patrick Henry- Bill of Rights

The written guarantee of freedom of speech, religion, and the press is contained in the-
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Bill of Rights
c) Great Compromise
d) Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom

The decision to determine how many votes each state had in the Senate and House of Representatives was called the-
a) Bill of Rights
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Great Compromise
d) Compromise of 1850

The Constitutional Convention proposed that the new government would include three separate branches of government called-
a) legislative, executive, judicial
b) national, state, local
c) Senate, House of Representatives, General Assembly
d) Federalist, Democratic, Republican

What territory did President Thomas Jefferson ask Meriweather Lewis and William Clark to explore?
a) The east coast
b) Mexico
c) territory from the Louisiana Purchase
d) Canada

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