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A ____ fault forms as a result of horizontal compression.
a) reverse
b) normal
c) strike-slip
d) blind

On a seismometer, vibrations of the ground do not move the ____.
a) recording drum
b) frame
c) spring
d) suspended mass

What is true about the focus?
a) It is the point where the waves are attracted.
b) It is the point where the surface waves originate and spread out.
c) It is the point of failure where the waves originate.
d) It is the point where the most surface damage will occur.

Deaths associated with earthquake deaths in sloping areas can result from ____.
a) formation of fault scarps
b) tsunamis
c) surface ruptures
d) landslides

The strain which causes a material to pull apart is known as ____.
a) compression
b) tension
c) shear
d) stress

What keeps the stable part of this seismometer from moving during an earthquake?
a) its mass
b) its location
c) gravity
d) inertia

Which part of the seismometer does not shake during an earthquake?
a) the rotating drum
b) the spring
c) the pendulum and pen
d) the frame

The San Andreas Fault, a result of horizontal shear, is a ____ fault.
a) blind
b) reverse
c) strike-slip
d) normal

P-waves and S-waves are also known as ____.
a) body waves
b) surface waves
c) first waves
d) ground waves

A numerical scale of earthquake magnitude that takes into account the size of the fault rupture is the ____.
a) modified Mercalli scale
b) moment magnitude scale
c) Richter scale
d) epicentral distance scale

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