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Which region had natural resources of rich farmlands and rivers and human resources of unskilled and skilled workers and fisherman?
a) New England colonies
b) Mid-Atlantic colonies
c) Southern colonies
d) Caribbean colonies

Most large landowners who were educated and had a rich social culture were found in the-
a) Middle colonies
b) Chesapeake colonies
c) New England colonies
d) Southern colonies

In colonial life, all of the following are true about women except that -
a) they were houseworkers
b) they had the right to vote
c) they had few chances for education
d) they served as caretakers

In colonial life, indentured servants were-
a) investors who financed the mills
b) owned as property for life
c) children born into slavery
d) poor people who worked in exchange for passage to the New World

By the mid 1700's, American colonists were unhappy with British rule because-
a) Great Britain refused to protect them from the Spanish
b) they had no representation in Parliament
c) Great Britain would not buy colonial made goods
d) they thought the British king was weak

Which statement is an example of how Great Britain imposed strict control over trade by the colonies?
a) colonists had to specialize in forestry
b) colonists did not have to pay taxes
c) colonists could make and enforce their own laws
d) colonists had to trade their raw materials for British goods

Which of the following took place BEFORE the Boston Tea Party?
a) the Battle of Yorktown
b) The meeting of the First Continental Congress
c) The Stamp Act
d) Signing of the Declaration of Independence

The colonies were dissatisfied with Great Britain because _______________ restricted westward movement of settlers.
a) Proclamation of 1763
b) Stamp Act
c) Townshend Act
d) Sugar Act

Great Britain passed the Stamp Act in the colonies to-
a) raise money to pay for a war
b) take over foreign lands
c) put governors in control
d) give people the right to vote

The writings of ____________________ greatly influenced the development of the __________________.
a) Thomas Jefferson...Bill of Rights
b) Roger Williams....Mayflower Compact
c) Spanish monarchs....Emancipation Proclamation
d) European philosophers....Declaration of Independence

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