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The main purpose of the passage is to show that
a) research into the benefits to the people who own them
b) pets provide health benefits to the people who won them
c) pet owners have a natural craving for emotional relationships
d) physicians who treat the elderly encourage their patients to get pets

The passage indicates that which researcher found pet owners made few trips to the doctor
a) Siegel
b) Corson
c) Levinson
d) Katcher

Which of the following claims regarding pet owners is NOT supported by the passage
a) Cat owners enjoy better health than bird owners
b) Dog owners enjoy better health than peopel who do not own pets
c) Bird owners enjoy better health than people who do not own pets
d) Pet owners recover from surgery more quickly than people who do not own pets

based on the third paragraph (lines 13-22), what made Levinson's 1959 discovery an accient
a) Jingles normally did not run up to patients, and Levinson's young patient normally did not respond t
b) Jingles had never met any of L's patents before, and L thought his young patient was afraid of dogs
c) Levinson had Jingles with him and hadn't expected that his young patient would come to visit
d) Levinson did not realize the extent of his young patient's isolation and refusal to seek help

According to the passage, one way researchers tried to measure the health benefits of pet ownership was to examine the number of:
a) Times a pet was petted and talked to
b) pets a person cared for
c) times a person visited the doctor
d) significant events in a person's life

As it is used in line 39, the word population most nearly means:
a) number of inhabitants in a country or region
b) group of people with common characteristics
c) total number of individuals occupying an area
d) act or process of supplying with inhabitants

According to paragraph six (lines 38-51), for their research, Siegel and her colleagues selected a group of 1,000 people on the basis of:
a) how much stress the people had in their lives
b) being enrolled in Medicare
c) the types of pets the poepel owned
d) the citizenship of the people

The last paragraph indicates that one reason people who have pets recover from illness more quickly than other people is that pets:
a) Can sense when a person is sick
b) make better companions than people do
c) Can prevent accidents from occuring
d) provide their owners with a sens of security

Based on the sixth paragraph which of the following can be reasonably inferred
a) pet ownership is not good for the elderly
b) interviewing elderly women should only be done once, if they have a pet
c) the elderly should be given pets often
d) Only the elderly should have pets

According to the last paragraph of the text pets can do all of the following EXCEPT
a) lead to allergies in many young children
b) alleviate loneliness
c) create a sense of clam and safety
d) correlate to better health for their owners

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