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the main idea of paragraph 1 can best be summarized by which of the following statements?
a) history can be expressed through violent gunfire
b) the Civil War was btrutal and bloody
c) History can be shown in a simple object
d) A bullet-damaged tree trunk is an historical exhibit

The main idea of this passage can best be summarized by which of the following statements?
a) Visitors to NMAH are intersted in being enteratined
b) specialized museums are distracting visitors to the NMAH
c) the Smithsonian is the largest museum that focuses on American History
d) The NMAH struggles with representing complete American History

As it is used in lines 40-41 the word renovation most nearly means
a) exploring
b) exciting
c) updating
d) daring

According to the auhtor the amount of tiem it took him to find the tree trunk would show
a) America's interest in World War II
b) The organization of the museum
c) America's interest in South Carolina
d) How some people have been unfairly left out

It can be concluded that the author believes
a) All people should learn something new at a museum
b) people today are interested in the civil war artifacts
c) Most people visit museums to learn new things
d) Few people are interested in pop culture

The author's intention in lines 15-22 is to
a) Demonstrate to the reader that the central character is still thinking about the historical object
b) show the reader that the character is part of the digital age
c) Work to shift the focus of the passage onto the unorganized nature of the museum
d) Introduce the reader to the central character

Compared to the Spotsylvania Deadwood Tree, the tricks of an American daredevil
a) Had far less space in the musuem
b) Are far less interesting to everyone at the museum
c) Had far more space in the museum
d) Are far more interesting to everyone at the museum

The author's opinion of the Spotsylvania Deadwood tree can best be described as
a) Inspired
b) Horrified
c) Disappointed
d) Forgettable

After finding the deadwood for the second time the author noticed that
a) No one paid attention to it
b) Few people paid attention to it
c) More than 10 people paid attention to it
d) Everyone paid attention to it

The author saw all of the following at the museum EXCEPT
a) Archie Bunker's armchair
b) Blue Ribbon Commission
c) American daredevil items
d) Spotsylvania deadwood tree truk

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