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Which of the following is neccessary for industrialization?
a) Large Population
b) Immense Wealth
c) Democracy
d) Nuclear Energy

If Best Buy wanted to Vertically Integrate they would?
a) Buy out Circuit City.
b) Buy out Apple.
c) Buy out Dell.
d) Buy out Sony.

What is an effect of a monopoly?
a) higher consumer prices
b) lower consumer prices
c) better products
d) better paid workers

Which level of the Political Machine has the most person contact with immigrants?
a) Precinct Captain.
b) Ward Boss
c) City Boss
d) Mayor

A regularly paid bribe to look the other way.
a) kickback
b) graft
c) protection racket
d) embezzlement

What did Plessy v. Ferguson establish?
a) public segregation is legal
b) voting rights can be restricted
c) lynching as a hate crime
d) school segregation is illegal

The progressive movement....
a) wants to help improve the lives of people.
b) is a result of industrialization.
c) limited big business.
d) all of the answers are true.

Jim Crow laws...
a) seperated the races
b) integrated the races
c) punished whites who supported blacks
d) reward blacks who voted for whites

Unions were formed to protect
a) workers
b) government
c) business owners
d) immigrants

Which of the following is NOT a major factor toward industrialization?
a) Water
b) Coal
c) Steel
d) Railroads

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