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Who crafts foreigh policy?
a) The Secretary of State
b) The President
c) The Attorney General
d) The Vice President

Who is the Commander-in Chief of the military?
a) The Vice President
b) The Secretary of Defense
c) The President
d) The Attorney General

Who presides over the Senare and is second in line for President?
a) The Mayor
b) The Attorney General
c) The Secretary of State
d) The Vice President

Who advices the President and cabinet on legal matters?
a) The Secretary of Defense
b) The Attorney General
c) The Secretary of State
d) The Vice President

Who advises the President about the Army and Navy?
a) Vice President
b) The Attorney General
c) The Secretary of Defense
d) The Secretary of State

What happens when a bill is passed?
a) The President and Vice President will bothe sign it
b) The Judicial Branch makes it a law
c) The people will vote on it
d) The President can sign it into a law or veto it

How many Presidents were impeached in American History?
a) 3
b) 12
c) 2
d) 13

What is the hightest court in the United States?
a) The Supreme Court
b) Trial Court
c) The District Court
d) City Court

What is the term that means the basic rights of all people?
a) Emancipation Proclamation
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Bill of Rights
d) Amendment

What is the term that means a group of people who decide a verdict in a trial?
a) due process
b) jury
c) unconstitutional
d) dispute

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