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Intensity is the _________________________________
a) name given to a color, such as blue, red, or green.
b) lightness or darkness of a color, ranging on a gradaation scale from almost white to almost black.
c) brightness (clarity) or dullness (muddiness) of a color.
d) All of the above.

Warm colors __________________
a) represent fire, sun, and brilliance.
b) are from red to yellow on the color wheel.
c) give a feeling of activity, and cheerfulness.
d) all of the above.

Slimming colors include _____
a) navy blue, dark blue-violet, and burgundy
b) black, white, and gray
c) red, orange, and brown
d) navy blue, true blue, and baby blue

A complementary color scheme ___________.
a) uses hues that are directly across from each other on the color wheel
b) creates the greatest contrast of colors when used side by side
c) rarely uses its colors together in full strength
d) all of the above

Curved lines used in apparel _____________.
a) are bold and severe, suggesting dignity, power, and formality
b) appear to be soft, gentle, and youthful, but may make the human shape look larger
c) are very noticeable and can create a jumpy, confused feeling
d) give the impression of added height and slimness, making the body look taller and thinner

Repetition is accomplished with ____________.
a) a gradual increase or decrease of similar design elements, also called progression
b) repeated lines, shapes, colors, or textures in a garment
c) lines, patterns, or colors emerging from a central point like rays
d) all of the above

The elements of design are ___________________.
a) balance, harmony, and creativity
b) color, shape, line, and texture
c) formal balance, structure, and line
d) structure, guidelines, and color

Emphasis is ____________________.
a) the pleasing arrangement of the design elements with one large item or a group of small ones.
b) the spatial, or size, relationship of all the parts in a design to each other and to the whole
c) a concentration of interest in a particular part or area of a design.
d) a arrangement of colors that bring out natural proportions in the body

The principles of design are ____________
a) Rhythm, shape, color and proportion
b) Proportion, texture, shape, and balance
c) Color, shape, line balance
d) Balance, proportion, emphasis, rhythm

Structural lines are ______________
a) applied to the garment like fabric trims
b) formed when garments are constructed, such as at the seams, darts, pleats.
c) Created by adding details to the surface of the clothing.
d) None of the above

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