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A stomate in the lower surface of the leaf has a function most similar to the function of which cell structure?
a) nucleus
b) vacuole
c) ribosome
d) cell membrane

The temporary storage of energy in ATP molecules is part of which process?
a) cell division
b) cellular respiration
c) protein synthesis
d) DNA replication

A science researcher is reviewing another scientist’s experiment and conclusion. The reviewer would most likely consider the experiment invalid if
a) the sample size produced a great deal of data
b) other individuals are able to duplicate the results
c) it contains conclusions not explained by the evidence given
d) the hypothesis was not supported by the data

The cytoplasm in a cell carries out a function similar to a function of which human system?
a) respiratory system
b) reproductive system
c) circulatory system
d) nervous system

An organelle that releases energy for metabolic activity in a nerve cell is the
a) chloroplast
b) ribosome
c) mitochondrion
d) vacuole

The use of mulching lawnmowers contributes most directly to
a) increasing the diversity of life
b) recycling of nutrients
c) the control of pathogens
d) the production of new species

Which activity might lead to damage of a microscope and specimen?
a) cleaning the ocular and objectives with lens paper
b) focusing with low power first before moving the high power into position
c) using the coarse adjustment to focus the specimen under high power
d) adjusting the diaphragm to obtain more light under high power

Certain poisons are toxic to organisms because they interfere with the function of enzymes in mitochondria. This results directly in the inability of the cell to
a) store information
b) build proteins
c) release energy from nutrients
d) dispose of metabolic wastes

Which two processes are most closely associated with the cell membrane?
a) make ribosomes and cytoplasm
b) active transport and diffusion
c) replication and photosynthesis
d) circulation and regulation

In an experiment, the factor that is measured is called the
a) sample size
b) independent variable
c) control group
d) dependent variable

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