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What is the main difference between and asteroid and a meteoroid?
a) shape of orbits
b) their effect on Earth
c) size of body
d) density

What is the most useful unit for measuring distances within the solar system?
a) light-year
b) AU
c) kilometer
d) parsec

Why do we always see the same side of the moon from Earth?
a) its phases are constantly changing
b) the moon changes its position relative to Earth
c) half the moon is always in sunlight
d) its period of rotation equals its period of revolution

Four farthest planets from the sun
a) outer solar system (gas giants)
b) planets with aliens
c) terrestrial planets
d) inner solar system

Another name for the four farthest planets from the sun
a) Gas Giants
b) big bullies
c) gassy giants
d) Terrestrial planets

Unit of measurement based on average distance between Earth and Sun
a) light year
b) ASU
c) AU
d) light hour

The time it takes an object to go around the sun once
a) rotate
b) purple
c) blue
d) revolve

The amount of time it takes an object to turn once on its axis
a) rotate
b) spin
c) terrestrial planet
d) revolve

rotational spin that makes sun appear to rise in the west and set in the east (opposite of Earth)
a) retrograde
b) revolution
c) rotation
d) prograde

Rotational spin that has a counter-clockwise spin
a) prograde
b) revolution
c) rotation
d) retrograde

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