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What is the relationship between DNA, genes and a chromosome?
a) Different chromosomes go together to make up a gene and DNA.
b) A gene is a section of DNA and a chromosome is a DNA molecule with many genes.
c) Genes and chromosomes are living creatures made up of a DNA molecule.
d) Chromosomes combine to make DNA and genes are the smallest part of the DNA.

Which of the following most accurately describes a protein molecule?
a) A long chain of cells containing amino acids that go together to make up tissues and organs.
b) Atoms arranged into amino acids and then arranged in nucleotides in proteins.
c) A series of amino acid molecules connected together.
d) A series of RNA nucleotides connected together in a long polypeptide strand.

Which of the following determines the function of a protein?
a) The type of phosphate in the protein.
b) The shape of the DNA in the organism
c) The different kinds of DNA on the ribosome.
d) The order of the amino acids in the protein.

Contains the nitrogen bases Guanine and Cytosine.
a) DNA
c) Both
d) RNA

During translation in protein synthesis, a codon from mRNA pairs with an anticodon in
a) mRNA
b) amino acid
c) rRNA
d) tRNA

Is single stranded
a) DNA
c) both
d) RNA

Each of the following is a type of RNA, except
a) transfer RNA (tRNA)
b) carrier RNA (cRNA)
c) ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
d) messenger RNA (mRNA)

Contains the sugar deoxyribose
a) DNA
c) both
d) RNA

Contains the nitrogen base Thymine
a) DNA
c) Both
d) RNA

In RNA molecules, adenine (A) is complementary to:
a) uracil (U)
b) Cytosine (c)
c) Guanine (G)
d) Thymine (T)

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