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What two factors are important to grasslands?
a) photosynthesis and the water cycle
b) photosynthesis and a good root system
c) a good root system and the water cycle
d) a good root system and temperature

What is the land ecosystem dominated by grass?
a) Tundra
b) Desert
c) Forest
d) Grassland

___________________ determine the fauna.
a) Animals
b) Water availability
c) Flora
d) Temperature

How are ecosystems named?
a) by the climate it is associated with
b) by the plants that inhabit the ecosystem
c) by the surrounding city
d) by the surrounding country

Why does a tundra lack trees?
a) the animals eat it too quickly
b) the permafrost has no soil
c) the permafrost ground prevents deep root growth
d) the ground is a glacier

What does permafrost mean?
a) the land is permanently frozen.
b) the water is permanently frozen
c) the lower layer under the ground is permanently frozen
d) the lower layer under the ground in not frozen

What percentage of rain falls in the dry desert?
a) less than 8%
b) less than 9%
c) less than 10%
d) less than 5%

What are the abiotic factors associated with ecosystems?
a) temperature, animals and soil nutrients
b) temperature, water and soil nutrients
c) water, soil nutrients and grass
d) water, shelter and animal life

What type of animal would be associated with the northern forest?
a) rabbit
b) horse
c) moose
d) leopard

What type of forest is found south of tundras?
a) Oak
b) Spruce
c) Pine
d) Palm

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