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As Tommy walked home with the money from the church he had stolen in his pocket, powerful feelings of REMORSE bubbled in his stomach.
a) regret
b) sickness
c) anger
d) throw up

When the other moms heard about how Charlene had won the baking contest, her email box was flooded with INQUIRIES for her award winning muffin recipe.
a) questions
b) hate mail
c) comments
d) threats

The children were PERCHED on the edge of the sofa arms, waiting to hop off and land on the next unlucky passerby.
a) sitting
b) jumping
c) singing
d) hunting

Jeremiah joked around so much that when he told the others about the accident that had occurred, they didn’t believe that he was being EARNEST.
a) honest
b) easy
c) eager
d) silly

Unlike Bob, who treated others rudely and kept to himself, Bobby was JOVIAL, friendly, and outgoing.
a) happy
b) shy
c) hungry
d) angry

My grandma’s DEMEANOR was such that people often thought she was being rude when she was just being honest
a) attitude
b) speech
c) face
d) demands

The lady decided that it was tea time and so, by jingling a tiny silver bell, she BECKONED her servants to attend.
a) demanded
b) voted
c) invited
d) hit

With the field torn up by the players’ cleats, and the cold rain falling in waves, conditions on the playing field were DISMAL.
a) bad
b) great
c) lucky
d) favorable

Lula would have attempted the walk home, had it not been for the IMMENSE mountain that stood between her and her destination.
a) huge
b) intense
c) discouraging
d) tiring

Joanne’s mother came up to the school to get the cell phone the teacher had CONFISCATED.
a) taken
b) helped
c) found
d) reached

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