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This event in China showcased the dissent among the Chinases people against foreign involvement
a) Boxer Rebellion
b) Platt Rebellion
c) Peking Massacre
d) Chinese Exclusion Act

This amendment guaranteed freedmen the right to vote, no matter their "former servitude"
a) 12th
b) 13th
c) 14th
d) 15th

He was the philanthropist that believed in the idea that he should give his wealth and fortune back to the people, in an effort to make the world a better place
a) John Rockefeller
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Thomas Edison

This part of our military was expended in the late 1800s
a) Navy
b) Army
c) Marines
d) Air Force

These were Northerners that travelled south after the Civil War in hope of financial prosperity
a) scalawags
b) rebels
c) carpetbaggers
d) confederates

This form of business integration was used by Andrew Carnegie in the steel industry
a) vertical integration
b) horizontal integration
c) linear integration
d) bessimer integration

This group of Reconstructionists were the most extreme of the political groups, and wanted to punsh the South for the Civil War
a) Democrats
b) Know-nothings
c) Republicans
d) Radical Republicans

This was the term that was given to Railroad Tycoons that controlled the rails and the costs to use these rails
a) robber barons
b) rail conductors
c) entrepreneurs
d) industrialists

This is the artistic movement that strived to show the world for what it truly was
a) individualism
b) realism
c) idealism
d) interpretism

Factory owners would put this in place to keep workers from joining Unions
a) blacklists
b) poll tax
c) lockouts
d) strikes

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