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Which cable runs at 100 Mbps?
a) 1000BaseT
b) 100BaseT
c) 10BaseT
d) Fiber

Which environment enables a single sign-on?
a) client-server
b) domain-based
c) workgroup
d) bus

How many bits in a MAC address?
a) 32
b) 50
c) 48
d) 66

The default gateway is essentially the ____________.
a) hub
b) switch
c) router
d) domain

Which service automatically assigns you an IP address?
a) DNS
c) PBX

Windows 7 uses ________ to share libraries.
a) Homegroups
b) Workgroups
c) Domains
d) Star topology

Which connector is used for CAT6 Ethernet cables?
a) RJ-11
b) RJ-12
c) RG-6
d) RJ-45

A device is identified on the network by its ____________.
a) IP Address
b) NIC number
c) default gateway
d) WINS server

Which type of frame is received by all NICs?
a) Ethernet
b) simplex
c) broadcast
d) partial

What tells the computer which part of the IP address is the network ID?
a) subnet mask
b) default gateway
c) router
d) switch

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