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Suppose you a rollercoaster containing 2 cars is accelerating 5 m/s2. The mass of one car is 200 kg. How much force was needed?
a) 40 N
b) 1,000 N
c) 400 N
d) 2,000 N

A force that will work against motion in every situation is...
a) the normal force
b) weight
c) gravity
d) friction

During a tug-of-war competition, no is able to win. Which of the following best explains the forces in this situation?
a) The forces are balanced.
b) The forces are unbalanced.
c) The forces are overcome by air friction.
d) THe mass of the rope cancels the forces being exerted on it.

A spaceship is traveling from Mars to Earth at 15,000 m/s. If no outside force is applied to it, what will happen to its speed over the course of the trip?
a) speed up
b) slow down
c) stay constant
d) changes depending on mass

When a car suddenly stops, the objects in the back seat are thrown forward. This is due to the...
a) law of inertia
b) law of force and acceleration
c) law of action and reaction
d) law of gravitation

You went to the garage and noticed your bike was not shiny anymore. Your bike is now a reddish color. Which of the following best explains what happened?
a) It rusted.
b) The iron atoms changed into rust atoms.
c) The iron in the bike and the oxygen in the air combined in a chemical reaction.
d) As it got older, the structure weakened.

Which of Newton's Laws describes the relationship between mass and force?
a) the law of inertia
b) the law of force and acceleration
c) the law of action and reaction
d) law of thermodynamics

What is the equation for speed?
a) distance/time
b) distance * time
c) time/distance
d) distance - time

Cindy and Bob are fighting over a blanket. Cindy pulls to the left with 5 N of force while Bob pulls to the right with 20 N of force. What is the total force on the blanket?
a) 15 N
b) 25 N
c) 100 N
d) 4 N

How do you convert 45 minutes to hours?
a) Divide 45 minutes by 60 minutes to get hours.
b) Multiply 45 minutes by 60 minutes to get hours.
c) Add 45 minutes to 60 minutes to get hours.
d) Substract 45 minutes from 60 minutes to get hours.

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