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the inner layer of the skin
a) dermis
b) epidermis
c) connective
d) smooth

a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and protects the ends of bones
a) ligament
b) tendon
c) cartilage
d) marrow

strong connective tissue that holds bones together in movable joints
a) tendon
b) ligament
c) cartilage
d) marrow

Body tissue that carries electrical messages back and forth between the brain and every other part of the body
a) muscle tissue
b) epithelial tissue
c) connective tissue
d) nervous tissue

The space between an axon and the structure that receives the nerve impulse
a) synapse
b) diaphragm
c) ligament
d) epithelial

Made up of the brain and spinal cord
a) peripheral nervous system
b) central nervous system
c) digestive system
d) integumentary system

Made up of sensory and motor neurons
a) digestive system
b) central nervous system
c) peripheral nervous system
d) integumentary system

The maintenance of stable internal conditions in an organism
a) synapse
b) cardiac
c) integumentary
d) homeostasis

The soft connective tissue that fills the internal spaces in bone.
a) marrow
b) cartilage
c) tendon
d) skeletal

body cells
a) nervous
b) somatic
c) connective
d) blood

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