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#1What will happen to the ecosystem above if the number of frogs increased?
a) the green plant population will go down
b) the grasshopper population will go down
c) the snake and owl population will go down
d) nothing will happen

#2 Which organism is the tertiary consumer? (use food chain above)
a) grasshopper
b) bird
c) sunlight
d) frog

#3 Which organism undergoes photosynthesis? (use food chain above)
a) grasshopper
b) bird
c) sunlight
d) grass

#4 What happens to the radiant or solar energy used by plants during photosynthesis?
a) it is made into carbon dioxide and returned to the atmosphere
b) nothing is done with this energy
c) it is converted to chemical energy
d) it is saved and stored by the plant

#5. What happens to the energy from these materials that are decomposing?
a) all energy is lost and disappears
b) the energy stays within these items forever
c) some of the energy is released causing the temperature to rise due to heat
d) the energy is never used and these items will not decompose

#6 Decomposers break down materials that were once alive. Why are these important to EVERY layer of the ecosystem?
a) because they are important so that dead things will be recycled in the environment
b) they are not necessary at all
c) we only need them at the top level
d) all of the above

#7 What happens to the materials in a compost bin?
a) matter is recycled by decay
b) new and exciting things are formed
c) everything becomes very cold

#8 Composting is a form of-
a) pollution
b) smelly materials
c) recycling

#9 What energy is needed for photosynthesis to start?
a) electrical energy
b) mechanical energy
c) solar or radiant energy

#10 What diagram shows the correct way to show the flow of energy in a compost bin?
a) A (on paper)
b) B (on paper)
c) C (on paper)

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