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The arrows in a food chain diagram show--- (this is #1 on your worksheet--mark the answer)
a) the grass is a producer
b) the direction of energy flow through organisms
c) the sequence of events in feeding relationships
d) that some organisms are more important than others

#2 The frog in the food diagram above is a-
a) producer
b) carnivore
c) secondary consumer
d) both a carnivore and a secondary consumer

#3 What type of energy transformation is occurring in the above diagram? (see flower on worksheet)
a) Radiant energy to light energy
b) Radiant energy to chemical energy
c) Radiant energy to mechanical energy
d) Radiant energy to mechanical energy

#4 Use FOOD WEB diagram on worksheet for #4 and #5. The bacteria found in the food web are important to an ecosystem because they-
a) Provide energy for the producers to make food
b) Help recycle the materials that make up the other organisms
c) Provide energy for the consumers to survive

#5 Which diagram below shows a possible flow of energy? Use FOOD WEB on worksheet!
a) Sun, grass, bacteria, fox
b) Sun, grass, hawk, bacteria
c) Sun, grass, rabbit, fox, bacteria
d) Sun, grass, fox, bacteria

#6 Energy used by producers in a grassland food web is provided by-
a) sunlight
b) photosynthesis
c) oxygen
d) carbon dioxide

#7 How much energy is transferred to the next level?
a) 20%
b) 15%
c) 10%
d) 5%

#8 Undergo means-
a) to always make an adjustment
b) to experience some process or method
c) nothing
d) to modify or alter an existing object

#9 What organisms undergo photosynthesis?
a) Fungi
b) Decomposers
c) Animals and Plants
d) Plants

#10 Who are the producers in this diagram? (use the FOOD WEB DIAGRAM)
a) owl
b) green plants
c) frog
d) grasshopper

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