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What is the explanatory or identification text that accomplanies a graphic, figure, or photo called?
a) Comment
b) Subscript
c) Caption
d) Legend

What is graphical or text element, such as a page part, that can be inserted into a publications?
a) Image
b) Building Block
c) Template
d) Placeholder

Which is the quick one key access to help?
a) F1
b) F2
c) F4
d) F8

Which is the special font that adds distinctive ornamentation such as outlining, embossing, and shadows to text?
a) Flairs
b) Styles
c) Effects
d) Designs

What type of text boxes are typically found in newsletters to enable text to flow from one to another?
a) Attached
b) Linked
c) Connected
d) Related

What is the default view for publications?
a) Single Page
b) Pubication view
c) Normal view
d) Master page view

What is the tool that helps you through the design process by offering publication options and may appear as a form?
a) Document
b) Template
c) Scheme
d) Design Format

Guides are located on which ribbon and group?
a) Page Design Ribbon, Pages group
b) Insert Ribbon, illustrations group
c) Page Design Ribbon, Layout Group
d) Insert ribbon, Links group

To choose a publisher design template the user chooses which tab?
a) Page Design Tab
b) File Tab
c) Review Tab
d) View Tab

Borders and Accents are located on which ribbon and are in which group?
a) Insert Ribbon, text group
b) Home Ribbon, Header and Footer
c) Insert Ribbon, Building Blocks group
d) Home Ribbon, Font group

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