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Which ribbon contains the command to automatically increase the font size?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page Design
d) Format

When selecting a template in backstage view, what area provides the ability to choose a color scheme or font scheme?
a) Design
b) Style
c) Customize
d) Properties

What pane displays all of the current pages in a publication as thumbnails on the left side of the workshape?
a) Page view
b) design
c) layout
d) page navigation

Which gallery appears when the paste command isused in a publication?
a) Format Options
b) Paste Gallery
c) Format Gallery
d) Paste Options

When customizing graphics n a publication, what is the amount of black or white added to the color in a graphic called?
a) Contrast
b) Brightness
c) Hue
d) RGB

Which page orientation displays a publication layout that is taller that it is wide?
a) Landscape
b) Comprehensive
c) Broad
d) Portrait

Which of the following is used in a pbulication to reserve space for a graphic or image?
a) Picture placeholder
b) Image
c) Clip
d) Text Placeholder

When customizing graphics in a publication, what is the saturation or intensity of color in a graphic?
a) Contrast
b) Brightness
c) Hue
d) RGB

Which procedure automatically adjusts the way that text is sized in a textbox?
a) AutoFormat
b) AutoFit
c) AutoResize
d) AutoCorrect

Which graphic comman enables a user to invert a graphic horizontally or veritcally?
a) Align
b) Resize
c) Flip
d) Duplicate

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