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Which of the following sentences uses correct subject verb agreemnent?
a) Politics fascinate many people around election time.
b) The lawn furniture are stored in the garage for the winter.
c) The crowd waits impatiently for the concert to begin at last.
d) The swarm of bees leave leave the hive, and the beekeeper got the honey.

Which of the following uses a superlative adjective correctly?
a) He argued more forcefullly of all the debaters.
b) Of the two brothers, Patrick is the most athletic.
c) Jan is the tallest girl in the seventhgrade class.
d) Among the four children in my family, Reggie is the politer.

Which of the following is a compound sentence with a compound subject?
a) Either Greg will furnish sandwiches for refreshments, or Mrs. Taylor will bring pizza.
b) Thomas always attends the weekend rehearsals, but Nan and Beth usually go out of town.
c) Percy went to the mall and bought a new sweater for his trip to North
d) Both Rachel and Anna brought food to the game and shared it with everyone in the stands

Which of the following sentences contains a compound subject?
a) Neither Laquita nor Claudia attended the meeting.
b) Brandon walked the dog, but he did not like the job
c) Either the students will complete the work or they will receive a zero.
d) Sierra called Lorraine, but Adele answered the phone on the fourth ring

Which of the following sentences contains an error in pronoun-antecedent agreement?
a) I gave my sister two-thirds of an apple, but they still left her hungry.
b) We slpet for eight hours the night before the competition, but is seemed shorter.
c) Becca is saving money for a new bicycle, and she has already described it to me.
d) Jeff invited half-a-dozen friends to his party, and they each brought a friend or sibling.

Which of the following sentences does not contain an indefinite pronoun?
a) After the party ended, nobody offered to stay around and help clean.
b) They live in that town south of us.
c) Our poll showed that most people will vote for the mayor in November.
d) There were several road accidents during the snowstorm.

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?
a) Diamonds are not rare or hard to find; nonetheless, they are very expensive.
b) Bison were once plentiful across the United States, however, they were hunted to near extinction.
c) British forces captured New York in September, 1776, therefore; George Washington's troops withdrew.
d) Gina was absent when the project was assigned, therefore her report was last.

Which of the following has incorrect pronoun antecedent agreement?
a) Neither Mary nor Laura has turned in her report.
b) Anybody can learn to set up their own tent.
c) Each of the boys takes care of his own room
d) Neither Tom nor Jim can give his report today

Which of the following sentences contains a comparative adverb?
a) Roger preformed the most daring stunts on his skateboard.
b) Mr. Lloyd laughed the loudest of everyone in the auditorium.
c) Rosa sings much more beautifully than her sister Hortencia.
d) Marion's drawing was the most finely detailed one at the show.

Which of the following sentences uses a prepositional phrase as an adverb?
a) The small children hid and giggled under the blanket.
b) The flowers in the garden desperately need watering.
c) The price of the concert ticket was far too expensive.
d) The board game under the bad has been forgotten.

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