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How many moon phases are there?
a) five
b) eight
c) seven
d) ten

The same side of the moon always faces the Earth.....
a) because the Sun's rotation and the Earth's are the same
b) because the moon's revolution and rotation are the same amount of time.
c) because the Earth's revolution and the moon\'s rotation are the same.
d) because the Earth's revolution and rotation are the same amount of time

Which phase of the moon occurs when the moon is between Earth and Sun?
a) waning crescent
b) full moon
c) new moon
d) waning gibbous

The moon has no....
a) craters
b) atmosphere
c) spots
d) mountains

Moonlight is an incorrect term because...
a) the moon reflects light from the earth's lights
b) the moon makes its own light.
c) the moon reflects no light at all
d) the moon reflects light from the sun

The horned shape of the moon is called a....
a) new moon
b) crescent
c) gibbous
d) full moon

One revolution of the moon around the Earth takes about....
a) 31 days
b) no time because the moon doesn\'t revolve
c) 29.5 days
d) 27 days

The dark spots on the moon's surface are called....
a) maria
b) inlets
c) bays
d) rivers

The dark spots are actually....
a) rivers of fresh water
b) holes
c) smooth rock formed from lava
d) seas of salt water

What percentage of the moon do we see each night?
a) 100%
b) depends on the moon phase
c) 50%
d) 10%

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