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A big difference in air pressure between two areas causes_____________.
a) good weather
b) light breezes
c) strong wind
d) rain

Which pair of weather instruments measure the same thing?
a) barometer and anemometer
b) themometer and barometer
c) barometer and rain gauge
d) wind vane and wind sock

What does a rain gauge measure?
a) wind direction
b) condensation
c) amount of precipitation
d) type of precipitation

Which is not a part of the water cycle?
a) purification
b) precipitation
c) condensation
d) evaporation

According to the Beaufort scale, winds of 120m.p.h. would be called a __________?
a) strong breeze
b) hurricane
c) whole gale
d) gale

A cloth bag that is narrow at one end and open at both ends
a) wind sock
b) barometer
c) anemometer
d) wind vane

A device on a pole that often consists of cups on spokes
a) barometer
b) themometer
c) rain gauge
d) anemometer

An area where pressure is higher than that of the surrounding air.
a) wind
b) high-pressure area
c) humidity
d) low-pressure area

The amount of water vapor help by air at a given temperature compared with the total amound that it could hold.
a) relative humidity
b) condensation
c) water cycle
d) humidity

The push of air against its surroundings.
a) wind
b) gale force
c) air pressure
d) humidity

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