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What type of storm has a calm eye
a) lightning
b) thunderstorm
c) hurricane
d) flash flood

What type of cloud appears in sunny summer skies?
a) cumulus
b) cumulonimbus
c) nimbo stratus
d) cirrus

Prefix that means high in the sky
a) nimbus
b) alto
c) cirrus
d) cirro

What does 100% relative humidity mean?
a) It will be a sunny dry day.
b) Hurricanes are forming.
c) The air is holding all the water it can possibly hold at that temperature
d) All the cloud are made of ice crystals.

What devise has the same use as the Beaufort scale?
a) rain guage
b) barometer
c) wind vane
d) anemometer

Where would you find the lowest air pressure?
a) on top of Mount Everest
b) the first floor of a building
c) the city of Boston at sea level
d) the top of a small hill

If a wind vane is pointing west, which way is the wind coming from?
a) east
b) west
c) north
d) south

Which of the following is a problem with wind turbines?
a) they are only found in the Middle East
b) You must attach them to a generator to make energy
c) You must have several of them to produce energy
d) Wind direction, speed and amount often changes

Which of the following is part of a rain guage?
a) a funnel
b) a generator
c) a tube of mercury
d) a cloth bag

What type of cloud forms when warm, moist air floats upward?
a) cumulus
b) stratus
c) cirrus
d) nimbus

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