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Releases hydrogen ion in a solution
a) Acid
b) Base
c) Neutral
d) alkaline

A water solution
a) aqueous
b) acid
c) base
d) neutral

pH of 0-4
a) stong acid
b) stong base
c) weak acid
d) weak base

Acid combining with a base
a) Neuralize
b) Strong Acid
c) Weak base
d) Acid

Eat away at metal
a) corrode (corrosive)
b) Acid
c) Base
d) Neutral

A scale that indicates how acidic or basic something is
a) pH Scale
b) Acid
c) Base
d) Neutral

Another term for a base
a) Alkaline
b) Weak Acid
c) Neutral
d) Aqueous

Releases Hydroxide ions
a) base
b) acid
c) Aqueous
d) Neutral

an indicator; Turn red in the presence of an acid and blue in the presence of a base
a) litmus
b) pH
c) aqueous
d) Corrode

10-14 on the pH Scale
a) strong base
b) strong acid
c) aqueous
d) acid

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