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How do you extinguish an underground coal mine fire?
a) water
b) usually have to let it burn itself out
c) fill openings to suffocate it
d) dynamite

Returning area to its original condition is called
a) smelting
b) subsidence
c) reclamation
d) reconditioning

Which type of mining destroys largest area of habitat?
a) room and pillar mining
b) surface mining
c) subsurface mining
d) solution mining

Which type of mining is associated with subsidence?
a) room and pillar mining
b) surface mining
c) subsurface mining
d) solution mining

Which does not result from urban crisis?
a) heat island
b) traffic
c) overgrazing
d) waste disposal

Which of the following is not a result of deforestation?
a) erosion
b) heat islands
c) loss of habitat
d) increasing amounts of carbon dioxide

Which of the following does not relate to land use?
a) waste disposal
b) agricultural practices
c) growth of human population
d) All of the others apply

How can individuals exert the greatest influence on environmental issues?
a) where we spend our money
b) picketing
c) join an environmental group
d) talk to your congressperson

Which of the following is an example of a hazardous waste?
a) decomposing leaves
b) chicken manure dumped in a lake
c) plastic bottle in a ditch
d) Steam released from a factory

Which of the following is an advantage of bottled water?
a) it is cheap
b) it is convenient
c) it is better regulated and cleaner
d) many of the bottles are recycled

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