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Density is equal to:
a) mass divided by volume
b) volume divided by mass
c) mass times volume
d) distance times time

Mass = 10 grams and Volume = 5 ml, what is this objects density?
a) 0.5 g/mL
b) 2 g/mL
c) 50 g/mL
d) 15 g/mL

The correct explanation of why ice floats is that, compared to liquid water, solid ice
a) is lighter
b) is more dense
c) is heavier
d) is less dense

The density of a block of wood with a volume of 50 cubic cm and a mass of 100 grams is...
a) 500 g/cm3
b) 5000 g/cm3
c) 2 g/cm3
d) 0.5 g/cm3

In the density column activity we did in lab, the density of the syrup was...
a) less than that of the water.
b) more than that of the water.
c) the same as the water.
d) there wasn\\\'t enough information to decide.

In the coke/diet coke lab, why did the coke sink?
a) Its density was greater than the density of the water.
b) Its denstiy was less than the density of the water
c) It was heavier than the water.
d) It was in a bad mood and wanted to sink

Which of the following is NOT an example of a density column?
a) Italian salad dressing that has separated into two layers
b) Lava lamp
c) Hot chocolate
d) Galileo Thermometer

What two measurements do you need to calculate density?
a) Mass and weight
b) Volume and mass
c) Weight and volume
d) Weight and time

A pebble has a mass of 35 grams and a volume of 14 ml. What is its density?
a) 2.5 g/mL
b) 0.4 g/mL
c) 490 g/mL
d) 4 g/mL

Which of the following is a correct label for density
a) oz/mL
b) mL/g
c) g/kg
d) g/mL

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