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O.S.H.A requires the use of fall protection equipment if there is a risk of falling more than _________.
a) 6 feet
b) 12 feet
c) 8 feet
d) 10 feet

What types of P. P. E. must be reqularly inspected, cared for, used properly, and never altered or modified?
a) eye protection
b) all types listed here
c) respiratory protection
d) hard hats

Protective barricades are meant to keep people out and must be built with posts and rails, cable, or __________.
a) rope
b) traffic cones
c) warning tape
d) chains

O.S.H.A. requires companies to provide a __________ who can identify hazardous or unsafe working conditions and has the authority to correct or eliminate those conditions.
a) Qualified Person
b) Safety Director
c) Competent Person
d) Hazards Inspector

Poor housekeeping, excessive noise, defective tools, and poor lighting are all considered __________.
a) unsafe acts
b) unsafe conditions
c) normal working conditions
d) acceptable risks

What colors of signs identify immediate hazards and/or dangers?
a) red, black, and white
b) blue and white
c) yellow and black
d) green and white

What colors of signs identify and warn about possible risks and/or hazards?
a) red, black, and white
b) blue and white
c) yellow and black
d) green and white

Who is ultimately responsible for safety?
a) O.S.H.A.
b) the Supervisor
c) the Competent Person
d) you

Which of the following items is NOT a requirement for starting a fire?
a) flame
b) heat
c) fuel
d) oxygen

What is the most common electrical safety grounding system
a) G.F.C.I.
b) three wire groundiung system
c) concealed recepticle
d) four wire with ground and neutral

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