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I can't see Matthew. I can't see .....
a) him b) her c) it d) you
Turn on the TV. Turn ..... on!
a) it b) him c) us d) her
Feed the dogs. Feed .....
a) them b) us c) me d) it
Can she help Rob and Viviane? Can she help .....?
a) them b) him c) her d) you
Listen to the actress! Listen to .....!
a) her b) him c) us d) you
He can't ride his bicycle. He can't ride .....
a) it b) us c) them d) her
Prepare the dinner! Prepare .....!
a) it b) her c) him d) them
You can come with Nick and me. You can come with .....
a) us b) them c) him d) her
I can't read this. Please, help .....
a) me b) you c) him d) her
I'm going to travel to London with Barney and you. I'm going to travel with .....
a) you b) him c) them d) her
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