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An environment can support only as many organisms as the available energy, minerals, and oxygen will allow. Wich term is best described by this statement?
a) carry capacity b) Consumers c) biodiversity d) niche
Knowing the type of food consumed by an organism help to identify the role of the organism in the community. This role is known as its
a) niche b) feeding habits c) ecosystem d) habitat
Which type of organism obtains energy only from prodcers?
a) herbivore b) producer c) omnivore d) carnivore
The main factor that determines what type of plants grown in a biome is
a) temperature b) both a and b c) altitude d) precipitation
What type of population in the world is growing most rapidly currently?
a) urban in less developed b) urban in developed countries c) rural in less developed countries d) rural in developed countries
If you vistited a savanna, you would likly see
a) large herds of grazing animals, such a rhinos, zebras and giraffes b) a coastal ecosystem c) large dense forest d) ice and snow
Which of the following is NOT a strategy that would reduce population size?
a) limiting education for women b) family planning classes c) tropospher d) animals
The ozone layer is located in th
a) stratosphere b) thermosphere c) troposphere d) mesosphere
The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would greatly increase if there were fewer
a) plants b) other gases c) ultraviolet rays d) animals
Which of the following are most likly to be the pioneer organisms on an area of bare rock?
a) lichens b) trees c) shrubs d) grasses3
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