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Cymbals are instruments of...
a) brass family b) definite pitch c) shaken percussion d) indefinite pitch
A bowed string instrument.
a) Piano b) Harp c) Viola d) Guitar
Piccolo is a kind of...
a) Clarinet b) Saxophone c) Flute d) Percussion instrument
A single-reed woodwind instrument.
a) Basson b) Saxophone c) Flute d) English Horn
The largest instrument in the brass family.
a) Tuba b) Trumpet c) Trombone d) French Horn
A stringed instrument for playing the lowest notes.
a) Contrabass b) Violoncello c) Violin d) Viola
The lowest human voice is...
a) Tenor b) Soprano c) Bass d) Contralto
This is an un-pitched instrument...
a) Xylophone b) Triangle c) Tubular Bells d) Timpani
What instrument family belongs the clarinet to?
a) Woodwind b) Brass c) Percussion d) Strings
How many strings has a Spanish guitar?
a) Five b) Seven c) Six d) Four
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