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This names a person, place, or thing: concept or idea
a) Noun b) Adverb c) Pronoun d) Verb
This modifies verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
a) Noun b) Adverb c) Preposition d) Pronoun
This modifies nouns and pronouns
a) Adjective b) Interjection c) Conjunction d) Adverb
This connects words, phrases, and/or clauses
a) Interjection b) Conjunction c) Noun d) Adverb
This is used to express emotions
a) Conjunction b) Preposition c) Interjection d) Adverb
This is used to show relationship between the subject and the rest of the sentence
a) Conjunction b) Noun c) Preposition d) Interjection
This is used in place of a noun
a) Verb b) Conjunction c) Interjection d) Pronoun
This is used to show action or a state of being
a) Adverb b) Interjection c) Verb d) Conjuction
When you place me at the beginning of a sentence, I am followed by a comma
a) Noun b) Pronoun c) Preposition d) Adverb
I generally end in
a) Conjunction b) Pronoun c) Adverb d) Preposition
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