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Cells are
a) the structures that contain all of the materials necessary for life b) found in all organisms c) sometimes specialized for different functions d) all of the above
A dog urinating on a fire hydrant is an example of
a) excretion b) digestion c) ingestion d) metabolism
When a Venus flytrap catches an insect to eat, it is
a) reproducing b) responding to a stimulus c) growing and developing d) excreting waste
When a frog undergoes metamorphosis and changes from a tadpole to a frog it is undergoing
a) regulation b) ingestion c) cellular respiration d) growth and development
Organisms taking in food and water
a) ingestion b) digestion c) regulation d) reproduction
Which characteristic of life is necessary of a species, but not of every individual in order to survive? THINK!
a) regulation b) digestion c) reproduction d) transport
Sweating when you're hot and shivering when you're cold are both examples of
a) transport b) regulation c) ingestion d) reproduction
Breaking down food so it can be used by the body
a) ingestion b) digestion c) excretion d) regulation
Sap in plants and blood in humans both are used for
a) transport b) excretion c) regulation d) ingestion
Combining food with oxygen to release energy the body can use
a) response to stimuli b) photosynthesis c) cellular respiration d) combustion
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