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The falling action and resolution come at the end of the story and is where
a) the conflict is resolved b) the climax is introduces c) d)
The main character of a story is also called the
a) protagonist b) antagonist c) d)
Often stories have a lesson which is called the
a) characters b) theme c) d)
Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution are all part of the
a) plot diagram b) theme c) d)
In the story " The Happy Man's Shirt" the king learns that it is important to be happy with what you have. Is an example of
a) theme b) exposition c) d)
Which helps the reader define words that are contained in the text?
a) table of contents b) italics c) d)
The definition of a fact is
a) how someone thinks or feels b) something that can be proven c) d)
Name-calling is a type of progaganda that
a) uses a famous person to endorse the product b) when you feel like everyone is doing it c) d)
The definition of an opinion is
a) how someone thinks or feels b) something that can be proven c) d)
David made a 97 on his assessment. Is this statement a fact or opinion?
a) fact b) opinion c) d)
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